Types and uses of extruded rubber heads

In daily production, the main function of the extruder rubber head is to guide the rubber extruded from the extruder to the mouth part. At the same time, the irregular and unstable flowing rubber that guides the flow away from the screw groove of the extruder, guides the excessively into a stable flowing rubber, and makes it pass through the extrusion nozzle to become a rubber strip, a rubber tube, and a special-shaped product with a stable cross-sectional shape.

A variety of die types are installed before the extruder head. The die type determines the shape and size of the extruded semi-finished product. Mold mouth shapes can generally be divided into two categories:

(1) The first type is used for extruding hollow semi-finished products. It consists of an outer mouth type, a core type and a bracket. The core type has a channel for spraying release agent.

(2) The other type is used for extruding solid semi-finished products or sheet-shaped products, which are orifice plates with a certain shape.