Problems in the production of plastic extruder heads

The plastic extruder head will inevitably have some problems in the production, and sometimes we will encounter poor or clogged machine head output.

So how can we deal with these questions, let's first look for the causes of the questions:

1. Factors: ⑴ The heater does not operate in a certain section, and the material is not plasticized. ⑵The operating temperature is set too low, or the molecular weight of the plastic spreads widely and is unstable. ⑶ There may be foreign objects that are not easy to melt.

2. Treatment method: ⑴ Check the heater and replace it if necessary. ⑵Verify the set temperature of each section, negotiate with the technician if necessary, and increase the temperature set value. ⑶ Organize and check the kneading system and machine head.