Features of nose:

1 sets of pressure flow of advanced design, uniform pressure, flow is as smooth as a mirror, and no dead; when the low speed is eccentric, and then transferred to the high-speed operation, there is no need to adjust the eccentric, can achieve the ideal concentricity. And the pressure sleeve has the advantages of accurate positioning, good sealing performance and convenient disassembly.

2 core seat telescopic rod vertical adjustment of mould die sleeve clearance range.

3 in normal operation, the machine can be adjusted at any time without stopping.

4 double head structure is simple, omitted in the core; within the core of regulation free eccentricity; only by adjusting the die sleeve can achieve ideal effect of concentricity.


Xudong business philosophy:

Excellence, courage to explore, continuous innovation, advancing with the times.



Shanghai Xudong electrical machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of extruder crosshead and die enterprises, more than thirty years of accumulation of the extruder head and die rich R & D and manufacturing experience, enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Machine manufacturing technology has obtained 4 national patents, but also access to the EU market circulation of CE certification.

His crosshead is widely used in the power line, electronic wire, automobile wire, cable, wire, high temperature foaming line, the cable-stayed bridge cable, CCV cable, VCV cable production.

This small industry, the country only a few dozen counterparts, small businesses generally only about 10 people, there is no dedicated engineers, there is no dedicated after-sales service personnel. We have Xudong electrician technical team, professional sales team and customer service team as many as more than and 50 people. Small companies do not have enough ability to do a good job, but also large enterprises do not want to do, we can Xudong electrical quality and quantity to meet the needs of all customers!